Wanted: Your Talent and Drive

Regardless of background, if you are driven and motivated, you are what we want.

Why Our Admissions Matters

You Win;
We Win

Hack Reactor is invested in your success. And our business is tied to it. We turn committed students, from all levels of prior coding experience, into exceptional engineers through our intense, demanding, and transformational program. Our publicly-reported outcomes clearly emphasize the level of commitment we make to you to succeed during and after your time with Hack Reactor.

We Empower You
To Go Further

The world doesn’t need code monkeys; it needs capable engineers who are problem solvers and meaningful team members. Our Immersive program focuses not just on code but, more importantly, how to approach challenges with an experienced software engineer’s mindset. The result: a high-potential, highly capable, and highly valuable engineer.

Strong Peers Make
All The Difference

Imagine learning alongside smart, motivated peers from all backgrounds. Hack Reactor fosters a friendly, talented community that supports and roots for each other. Strong peers are the difference between doing what you can do, and doing your best. Community is a hallmark of our Immersive, and it starts with admissions.

What We Look For in Students

Hack Reactor focuses on merit, not prior experience. We provide preparation programs for students from any background to study and pass our admissions process. Students are “immersive-ready” when they can demonstrate three important qualities for success:

Fluency with JavaScript Fundamentals

Hack Reactor is a fast-paced, in-depth learning program for students who know that software engineering is right for them.

To embark on the Immersive, students will first need to demonstrate they can grasp basic computer science thinking and abstraction.

Our preparation programs include materials and exercises that cover all the JavaScript fundamentals new learners need to know.

Image of JavaScript Icon Representation
Image of Student Coding.

Ability to Think Like an Engineer

We strive for our students to come out of our Bootcamp working in the same way as professional software engineers. For this reason, we want entering students to be able to use JavaScript to solve problems autonomously, show good strategy & tactics, consider different levels of abstraction, write clean working code and respond well to new concepts and material.

These are critical skills we stress in our preparation programs, where all learners including those with zero prior experience are welcome.

Image of Cog and Heart Icon
Image of a group of Students interacting at Hack Reactor.

Driven Learners and
Empathic Communicators

When it comes to being an exceptional engineer, soft skills are equally as important as technical chops.

We look for students who can work collegially with others and explain their thought process as they work through a problem. These are key skills, both as a Hack Reactor student and in the professional world.

Image of Chat Icon
Image of Hack Reactor Students getting help from Technical Mentor.

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