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Computer programming courses begin every 7 weeks.

Next available class begins June 2. Interested?

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Average Graduate Salary

Our curriculum packs computer science, web development, and real world projects into twelve immersive weeks totaling over 800 hours of learning.


Graduate Hiring Rate

Nearly all of our graduates receive at least one full-time job offer within three months of graduating. Our developers work at places like Adobe, Groupon, and SalesForce.

See What Makes Hack Reactor the Best Choice for Your Programming Career. Learn about our Javascript-focused programming school and the application process.

“At Hack Reactor I built two web games, an iOS game and a recommendation engine in under three months.”

- Guy Morita



“I came to Hack Reactor with a strong web design background and came out with mastery of the full stack.”

- Elle Beal



“Hack Reactor helped me make a transition from biologist to musician to software engineer.”

- Dylan O’Carroll


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