1. Grad of First Hack Reactor Class Selected as Code for America Fellow

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    After spending three years as professional software engineer, a graduate of Hack Reactor’s first-ever cohort will spend 2016 using his skills to improve life in a major American city. Mark Rossetti was selected as a Code for America fellow, and will spend the next year working with two other fellows to create public services within their assigned city, or to improve access to existing programs.

  2. Front Page Hacker News: Remote Students Make Documentation a Cinch

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    There are hundreds of great libraries and APIs out there designed to make developers’ lives better and easier, but poor or nonexistent documentation often undermines the benefit these technologies offer. A team of students in our Remote Beta program sought to remedy this issue that affects software engineers of all experience levels. The result, Sodocan.js, auto-generates skeletal documentation and provides crowdsourcing functions that allow anyone to fill in the gaps. Happy to see such a tool, developers voted Sodocan.js up to the front page of Hacker News.

  3. NodeAdmin Makes Building MySQL Databases More Intuitive, Lands Students on Hacker News Front Page

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    MySQL is probably the most popular open source relational database, but it can be frustrating for many developers. Setting up a MySQL database tends to be a slow process, and mistakes can cause lengthy setbacks. In response, developers have created frameworks to streamline setting up a MySQL database with other technologies, such as phpMyAdmin for PHP or Django for Python. However, there wasn’t a similar tool out there for Node, the increasingly popular JavaScript runtime environment. A group of students set out to fill this gap by building NodeAdmin. There had been a strong desire for such a tool in the developer community, and NodeAdmin has gotten a lot of attention since its release.

  4. Remote Students Swift-JavaScript Transpiler Makes Splash on Hacker News

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    A team of students in our Remote Beta program took on the ambitious project of building a Swift to JavaScript transpiler, and their work has been rewarded with lots of positive attention from the developer community. Shift-js translates Apple’s language, Swift, which right now cannot be used for web applications, into JavaScript, which can be used for all types of applications.

  5. Coding Bootcamps Offer an Education for the 21st Century

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    In a recent article for CIO, Sarah K. White (@sarahkwhite) goes in depth to answer the question, “Can coding bootcamps replace a computer science degree?” Her conclusion: bootcamps are a great way to get a leg up on the competition while job hunting, but employers still value job-seekers who have a traditional Computer Science degree; a view we don’t completely agree with.

  6. Hack Reactor Remote Communities coming to Chicago, Columbus, and Mountain View

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    Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Hack Reactor Remote Communities in Chicago, Columbus, and Mountain View. A Remote Community is a three month, in-person class powered by Remote Beta where you learn in your city, but with the support of a staff member who is there locally. After graduation, the Remote Beta team will provide industry-leading job search support, backed by their 95% graduate hiring rate, to help you get your desired outcome.

  7. New Study Shows Coding School Grads Do Well, Hack Reactor Grads Do Better

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    What can a coding school student expect from their education? Course Report, which collects and reports data on the coding bootcamp industry, interviewed hundreds of graduates across 44 coding schools, including Hack Reactor, in an attempt to get a broad view of the industry. Alice Truong (@alicetruong) at Quartz translated this data into a series of easy-to-read charts. Here are some key stats, along with breakdowns of how Hack Reactor compares.

  8. Why YOU Should Be Obsessed with Outcomes Data

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    The most impressive element and biggest appeal of many coding bootcamps is their outcomes data, specifically hiring rates and average starting salary. While the culture and reputation of our schools are very important factors, the ultimate reason many students attend is that our programs offer radical career acceleration in a short timeframe. That’s why outcomes data has been a fundamental metric of our success since we started.

  9. Introducing: Hack Reactor Fulcrum

    If you're just starting to learn to code, you've probably noticed that the internet has a million tutorials targeted at you. Crazy, right? Often, once you've gone through the introductory materials, you'll find yourself stuck: you can write some basic functions, but can't seem to figure out how to build real projects. It suddenly seems as if the clear path you've blazed for yourself ends abruptly. You aren't alone. Many Hack Reactor applicants find themselves in this situation, and we've always been frustrated that we didn't have a great recommendation to help such applicants prepare for their interviews.