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  1. $9,780 Scholarship for Coding School Grads Accepted to Remote Beta

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    For graduates of other programming courses, Hack Reactor has a unique offer to receive top coding education at a sharply reduced price. Hack Reactor’s online programming course, Hack Reactor Remote Beta, is being offered at a $9,780 discount off the standard $17,780 tuition to any student who has previously graduated from an on-site coding program costing $5,000 or more, and listed as on CourseReport.comBootcamper.io or Switchup.org.*

  2. Remote Beta Students Top Hacker News

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    Four students in our remote program wanted to work with Facebook’s exciting and popular frameworks React and Flux. After tinkering with these technologies, they found that they were impressively speedy and organized, but also, like many new technologies, that there were unnecessary hurdles and complexities that bogged down the process of coding and raised the barrier to entry. In response, they built Tuxedo.js, a framework on top of React and Flux. Tuxedo.js gained immediate recognition, ranking in the top 3 posts on the popular aggregator Hacker News, and the framework is already being used by developers in real-world projects.

  3. Expanding our Network: Hack Reactor Acquires MakerSquare

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    The team here at Hack Reactor has big news that we’re happy to share.  As you may have heard, we’ve reached an agreement to acquire MakerSquare, pending regulatory review. We couldn’t be more excited! MakerSquare is a leading coding school with campuses in San Francisco and Austin. They are the first school to become part of our “extension school” program, a partnership-based model to allow new or existing schools to leverage the systems and resources that Hack Reactor uses to train software engineers. We’re looking forward to transforming education together through this relationship and helping our programs grow to reach more students and serve the national demand for software engineers.

  4. Salesforce, Yammer & NodePrime Part of Biggest Hiring Day Yet

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    Hack Reactor held its biggest Hiring Day to date on Tuesday. Forty-one companies, including Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, SalesForce and Yammer came in search for top Software Engineering talent.

    The day began with project demos from our graduating students. These projects, which student teams of 3-4 built in the last four weeks of the program, ranged from an app that can process and analyze biometric data, a program that uses IBM’s Watson to analyze personality traits of Twitter users by location and keyword, and a smart home management system.

  5. Image Search Entrepreneur Adrian Rosebrock Explains Computer Vision to Alumni

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    Image search entrepreneur and computer science PhD Adrian Rosebrock gave a talk to our alumni network about computer vision--the processing and categorization of images by software. Rosebrock is a leading figure in the field of image search, having started two successful image search engines. He founded Chic Engine, a fashion search engine which allows users to search by image instead of keyword, and ID My Pill, which allows users to take a snapshot of a prescription drug and quickly learn what it is. Now he is launching a course on the nuances of computer vision and Python-based image search.

  6. Alum Builds Lightweight CSS Framework for Prototyping & Hackathons

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    Alum Alexander Gugel, currently working for Famo.us at their new location in Amsterdam, wanted a simple library that covered the needs of most basic CSS projects. Finding flaws in the available options, he made his own, and so Papier was born. CSS, a language used to provide color and style to the various elements of a webpage, is used by beginning programmers and expert web designers. Papier covers CSS’ most frequently used functions, such as styling buttons, changing typography and altering charts and tables.

  7. Alum Adds Surveyor-Tracking Functionality to SolarCity App

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    Alum Pieter de Jong started a job at the solar energy company SolarCity in June 2014, shortly after completing Hack Reactor’s apprenticeship program. As solar power steadily grows in popularity, SolarCity is working to improve the user experience by adding features to the company’s customer-facing app, MySolarCity. De Jong built a new feature, called “Time Of Arrival” in the app that allows customers to track technicians as they drive toward the customer’s house.

  8. Laurie Voss, CTO of NPM, Gives Engineering Fundamentals Talk

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    Laurie Voss, CTO of Node Package Maid (NPM), came to Hack Reactor to give his popular talk on what people entering the software industry should know, but no one bothers to tell them. The talk, titled “Stuff Everyone Knows Except You”, ranges from fundamentals, such as the importance of testing, to fine details, like Voss’ breakdown of every popular database. This was Voss’ third time giving the talk at Hack Reactor, and each time students have enjoyed themselves and come away better prepared for a career as a Software Engineer. The talk was streamed to our remote students simultaneously.

  9. Hack Reactor Hosts High School Coding Group HackEdu

    As of this month, Hack Reactor is hosting hackEDU, an organization that supports high school coding clubs, on an ongoing basis. HackEDU, started by Zach Latta and Jonathan Leung, is less than a year old, but has already accomplished an impressive amount. After a trial run last Spring, the organization ramped up, and is now working with over 30 high school coding organizations. HackEDU connects these clubs with a growing set of resources and a support network.