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The Hack Reactor Difference

Built on more than a decade of experience, Hack Reactor coding bootcamps are proven pathways to new, exciting careers in tech. Learn what sets us apart.

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We have a plan to get you a job – and it works.

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve delivered exceptional student outcomes, helping thousands of aspiring software engineers launch new careers in tech. 

We’re proud that our 14,000+ graduates have been hired by more than 2,500 companies and organizations worldwide. This is due to our focus on a challenging, evolving curriculum, industry-experienced instructors and career advisors, and a robust hiring partner network. 

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Two Programs, Two Speeds

Prospective students can choose between our Beginner Coding Bootcamp (19 weeks) and Intermediate Coding Bootcamp (12 weeks). The Beginner program requires no coding experience, taking learners from total beginner to full-stack engineer. The Intermediate program is a fast track to success, offering those with some coding experience the opportunity to train for a new career in just 3 months.

Challenging Curriculum

Our driving force is continuous learning, so we routinely update our curriculum, push educational boundaries, and design new ways to engage with students and hiring partners. Our curriculum ensures students have the skills they need to thrive.

Industry-Relevant Technologies

We teach industry-relevant languages and technologies to set graduates up for long-term career success. We also focus on the ethical use of AI tools for coding productivity and efficiency.

Career Support

Navigating the tech industry can be daunting, so we designed our bootcamps with support top-of-mind. Our team of career coaching experts will help you build your resume, prepare for interviews, negotiate job offers, and more.

Hiring Partners

We’re proud to be a leading provider of software engineering talent powering organizations of all sizes. Our Partnerships team facilitates an efficient hiring process, including hands-on support that connects you with top-tier software engineers — all at zero cost. Our graduates have been hired by more than 2,500 companies, including leaders across industries like Amazon, Uber, JPMorgan Chase, Cisco, Thryv, and others.

Alumni Network

Our alumni community is 14,000+ and growing, and our Alumni Team keeps everyone connected through networking events, mixers, and opportunities to give back. You’ll find and stay connected with your people here, supporting one another as you find a first tech job, grow your career, and move through life after the bootcamp.

Hear from Hack Reactor Grads

“The bootcamp has taught me not to cram, not to try to know everything, but to learn at a pace that’s enjoyable. After all, what’s great about being a programmer is the continuous learning.”

Read Natalie’s Story

Natalie Tang
Software Engineer at J.P. Morgan Chase

“Hack Reactor definitely prepared me in a number of ways! First, the technology and tools taught in Hack Reactor (JavaScript, NoSQL databases, and Git workflows) are things that I use daily in my current role and the focus Hack Reactor had on understanding basic concepts also allowed me to quickly pick up other things that I use daily including the Java language. Also, there is a big focus at Amazon on ownership, so being able to talk about my work or present solutions in meetings was a great skill that Hack Reactor helped me to develop.”

Read Stephanye’s Story

Stephanye Blakely
Software Engineer at Amazon

“It was a useful experience to undergo such a rigorous program with a bunch of other people who were doing the same thing, as we’re all making presumably big pivots in our lives together. It built a lot of comradery and trust, and we could lean on each other.”

Read Kye’s Story

Kye Lindholm
Site Reliability Engineer at Checkr

“Now that I’m on the other side, I realize that nobody should have to feel as lost as I was when I was learning to code on my own.”

Read Jason’s Story

Jason Wesson
Software Engineer II at 2U

At Hack Reactor, we’re guided by our mission.

We strive to activate and propel tech careers through outcomes-driven online education for adult learners and organizations. As a team, we stay on track by adhering to these core values:

Learn and grow courageously 

We approach our work with a learning-oriented growth mindset, navigating challenges with courage and optimism.

Create belonging with intention

We are respectful of others’ identities and perspectives, and we seek to understand different opinions and viewpoints, intentionally making space for everyone to be heard.

Come together, build together

We bring together relevant stakeholders when performing cross-functional work, including cross-functional teams or projects when merited.

Win with integrity

We accomplish goals and behave ethically and honestly. We avoid cutting corners or doing what’s minimally required.

Be fueled by purpose 

We’re aware of how our work ignites human potential through skills and knowledge. We intentionally connect every role within the company to our purpose, mission, and values.