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In the sections below, read through answers to frequently asked coding bootcamp questions. Reach out to our team if you’re unable to find the answers you need.

General Coding Bootcamp Questions

No matter which of our coding bootcamps you choose, the outcome will be the same: you’ll graduate as a job-ready full-stack software engineer. But how do you know which is right for you? The differences between our Beginner and Intermediate Coding Bootcamps include program timing and pacing, needed incoming skill level, learning style, and curriculum. Please explore each program page for more details and sign up for an info session to learn more.

Beginner Coding Bootcamp  Intermediate Coding Bootcamp

During our coding bootcamps and for six months after graduation, students are given access to our career services. This involves resume and portfolio help, interview prep, and assistance in making connections with companies within and outside our partner network who want to hire our grads. You are welcome to review our recent student outcomes data here.

As of October 2023, part-time coding bootcamps have been offered through our Tech Elevator brand.

The Tech Elevator Part-Time Coding Bootcamp was designed for those balancing life’s responsibilities, including working a full-time job. Live classes take place after 9-5 hours (EST), and you’ll be able to work on self-study sections on your own time throughout the week. Select the schedule that works best for you—Monday & Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. EST or Tuesday & Thursday from 6-8 p.m. EST or Saturday from 9-1 p.m. EST.

In late August of 2023, we announced that we combined operations with Tech Elevator, another leading coding bootcamp owned by our parent company, Stride, Inc.

Financing Questions

Unless otherwise stated in your Student Enrollment Agreement, your tuition payment is due in full on the start date of your program.

For our Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamps, students must select from one of the following payment options at the time of enrollment:

  • Upfront: Payment in full is due on the Start Date of your program.
  • Split: 50% Payment is due on the Start Date of your program, and the remaining balance is due at the midpoint of the program.
  • Third-Party Loan Provider: Arrangements with 3rd Party lenders must be finalized prior to the start date of your program.
  • Other Third-Party Payment: For VA funding and ISA students, documentation must be certified by the Start Date of your program.

Explore our Lending options.

We work with two great lending partners: Ascent Funding (formerly Skills Fund) and Climb Credit. Both offer financing solutions for our students. We recommend reviewing their application landing pages for the most up-to-date information and to compare rates.

Learn more about our lending partners.

Yes. The Income Share Agreement (ISA) application requires a hard credit inquiry through our servicing partner, Stride Funding. This type of inquiry appears on your credit report and can influence your credit scores. Get more ISA information.

Please see our Income Share Agreement page for eligibility information and more about ISAs. Conversely, check out our Retail Installment Contracts (RICs) if you happen to live in a state not eligible for ISAs.

After you sign your Student Enrollment Agreement, login to your Admissions Portal account for updates and actions required to complete your enrollment. You’ll need to complete the following steps before your start date:

  • Pay Non-Refundable $100 Course Deposit
  • Complete Student Onboarding Form
  • Provide proof of completion of secondary education (“PSE”)
  • Certify Your Method of Payment (6 weeks prior to your start date)

We require an upfront deposit to reserve a seat in your cohort. After signing your enrollment agreement you’ll receive an email with links to pay the deposit via ACH (e-check) or credit card. These links are also in the Admissions Portal.

The Course Deposit:

  • Includes a $100.00 non-refundable registration fee;
  • California residents must pay an additional, non-refundable Student Tuition Recovery Fund fee equal to $47.50 ($147.50 total)
  • Must be paid “out-of-pocket” and cannot be financed.
  • Payment is due within three days of signing your SEA. Students utilizing VA funding must submit appropriate documentation to demonstrate that the VA will pay the Course Deposit, i.e. the Certificate of Eligibility
  • Upfront or Split Payment (Direct)
    • ACH – Bank Transfer (E-Check) (preferred)
    • Credit Card – (2.8% convenience fee added to total)
    • Wire Transfer – Wire transfer information is included on your invoice. Please notify Bursar@galvanize.com if you plan on paying via wire transfer.
  • Third-Party Loan Provider
    • Finance your tuition through one of our lending partners:
      •  Ascent Funding (Apply) – hello@ascentfunding.com
      • Climb Credit (Apply) – hello@climbcredit.com
  • Income Contingent Financing (ISA / RIC)
  • VA Educational Benefits
    • Contact vabenefits@galvanize.com for details on eligibility.
  • Galvanize Foundation Scholarships
    • The Galvanize Foundation awards quarterly scholarships to students who identify as belonging to one or more groups that are historically underrepresented in tech. Interested students should apply early

Students who miss the tuition payment deadline will not be permitted to begin the program, and may be asked to defer their start date.

Yes. Every student receives a tuition invoice via email two (2) weeks prior to the program start date and payment will be due (1) week later. Your selected payment schedule or financing option will NOT be reflected on your invoice. The invoice should reflect direct payments you previously made to Galvanize. If your invoice does not reflect any direct payments that you previously made, please contact bursar@galvanize.com.

No. We offer direct payment in either one (1) Upfront or two (2) Split Payment installments.

Yes. You can make multiple payments using different credit cards. A convenience fee would be charged for each payment.

Sometimes. We permit students to use Third-Party Loans or Income Contingent Financing to pay a portion of their tuition; however, we do not permit students to simultaneously use Third-Party Loans and Income Contingent Financing. This policy exists to avoid unmanageable repayment obligations after completing the program. If you are financing any portion of your tuition through a Third-Party Loan or Income Contingent Financing, you should indicate this when completing the Method of Payment Certification Form.

Prior to your program start date – please email your Enrollment Advisor. Please be advised that the application and approval process for loans and Income-Contingent Financing may take up to two weeks, which may require you to defer your start date. Changes to your payment method are not permitted after your program begins.

The Tuition Refund Policy is state-specific and is stated in your Student Enrollment Agreement.

  • Galvanize offers a prorated Tuition Refund Policy in accordance with applicable law, the eligibility period and cutoff date for which is stated in your Student Enrollment Agreement
  • If you separate from a program before the refund cutoff date, you may be eligible for a pro-rated refund of tuition paid.
  • If you separate from a program after the refund cutoff date, there is no refund and Galvanize is entitled to retain 100% of the program tuition.

This form will become available for you to complete in your Student Admissions Portal approximately six (6) weeks before your start date. It should be completed as soon as you have determined how you will pay tuition. PLEASE NOTE – The form does not accept multiple submissions. If your payment plans change after submitting, email your Enrollment Advisor right away.

Yes. The loan application requires a hard credit inquiry through our lending partner which appears on your credit report and can influence your credit scores. Each subsequent loan application will require a separate credit inquiry, so we recommend that you request an appropriate loan amount when you initially apply.

Yes. You can apply for a loan up to 90 days prior to the start date of the program. Galvanize will not certify your loan until you have been accepted and sign an enrollment agreement.

Yes. We require all students to pay the upfront Course Deposit of $100.00 at the time of enrollment.

Yes. Students can apply for a loan to cover a portion of their tuition, and pay the rest upfront no later than one (1) week prior to the start date of the Program.

Yes. Borrowers may be eligible for additional funding for living expenses. Please note: our lending partners do not offer, nor will Galvanize certify, any loans exclusively for living expenses.

No. Galvanize is not an accredited institution and therefore does not provide any tax forms. Please consult a tax professional with regards to reporting your tuition payments when you file your taxes.

No. Our lending partners can only lend to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

Yes. The form will prompt you to indicate the current status of your loan application. The Bursar Team actively monitors financing approvals and will reach out directly if they require additional information to confirm.

Galvanize will work with the lending partner to ensure that the correct loan amounts are adjusted before the loan disbursement date. Your loan provider will reach out to you with new loan information after the adjustment is made.

It depends. Our lending partners offer different repayment options, some of which require that you make interest-only payments while in the program and during your grace period, after which time you will start the repayment period for the length of the agreed upon loan term. Refer to your loan agreement with Ascent or Climb for more information.

Probably not. We recommend that you contact your student loan provider to answer this question. Because Galvanize is not an accredited institution and is not approved to accept federal funding, federal student loans are ineligible for deferment while attending a Galvanize program.

Through Income Share Agreements (ISAs) and Retail Installment Contracts (RICs), all we require is an upfront deposit of $100 – you pay the rest once you’re employed and you’ve landed a job that reaches a certain salary threshold. Learn about ISAs here. Learn about RICs here.

If you separate for any reason and you are eligible for a prorated refund, your ISA / RIC funding amount will be reduced by your refund amount and you would continue making payments under the terms of the agreement.

Income-based deferment of monthly payments is available if your annualized monthly earned income is below the minimum income threshold stated in your Agreement.

Yes. In order to terminate the agreement by prepayment, you would have to pay either (1) the Payment Cap stated in your agreement in full, less any prior payments already made; or (2) the Implied APR Cap – whichever amount is lower.

Yes. You are required to periodically provide income and/or employment documentation to Stride Funding, Inc (our ISA Administrator) to determine your payment amount, and to establish eligibility for any income-based deferment.

Stride Funding will reconcile your payments each year using your reported income and make any required adjustments. This may result in an adjustment to your payment requirement. We recommend keeping your income updated in the payment portal to avoid unexpected payment adjustments.

Scholarship Questions

To apply, you must receive an offer of admission to the Hack Reactor 19-week beginner coding bootcamp. Then submit an application through the website. You must receive an offer of admission and apply for the scholarship by the Scholarship application deadline for the cohort you plan to attend in order to be considered. The business day following the deadline you’ll be invited to complete an asynchronous interview if your application meets the scholarship eligibility criteria.

The asynchronous interview uses a platform called Kira Talent to allow you to interview on your own time. We’ve recorded ourselves asking interview questions, and you will video record yourself as you answer. You will receive the invitation to interview the business day following the application deadline, and you’ll have about 6 days to complete it. (Exact time between deadlines may be affected by holidays.) You can interview at a time that is most convenient for you, so long as you do so by the deadline you are given in your interview invitation.

Carefully review the eligibility criteria provided in the scholarship terms and conditions. Final eligibility is based on the self identification you provide on the scholarship form.

Scholarship results will be provided roughly 2.5 weeks after the application deadline. The specific week when you can expect to receive an update on your award status is published alongside each deadline.

We have a limited number of scholarships to award, and it is a competitive selection process. Students who apply for a scholarship should also make other tuition financing arrangements while waiting for the scholarship selection results.

We cannot consider scholarship applications submitted after the application deadline for the target cohort. However, you can update your Hack Reactor application to a future cohort for which the scholarship application deadline has not passed. (Check out scholarship deadlines for future cohorts here.)

Contact admissions@galvanize.com to discuss updating your application to a future cohort. If your enrollment timing is not flexible and you need to stick with your original cohort, our admissions team can work with you to explore other financing options that are right for you.

If you are not awarded a scholarship, you will need to make other arrangements to pay for your tuition. (Get more information on financing options.) The scholarship decision does not affect the status of your offer of admission.

Beginner Coding Bootcamp Questions

Learn everything you need to know on our Beginner Coding Bootcamp admissions process page.

The Beginner Coding Bootcamp was designed specifically for those with no coding experience. If that’s you, we invite you to dig into the admissions process.

The Beginner Coding Bootcamps cost $19,480. Explore our Cost & Financing page for more information.

As of October 2023, part-time coding bootcamps will be offered through our Tech Elevator brand.

Intermediate Coding Bootcamp Questions

Learn everything you need to know on our Intermediate Coding Bootcamp admissions process page.

The Intermediate Coding Bootcamps cost $19,480. Explore our Cost & Financing page for more information.

Yes, we recommend you take our Basic Prep course and finish modules 0-3 to be prepared to take the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA), which is part of the Intermediate Coding Bootcamp admissions process.

You’re likely at an intermediate level if:

You Already Have Some Coding Experience
You can write a function or functions that include the use of conditionals, iteration, variables, and data structures. You can apply an understanding of programming language syntax and concepts to solve and debug simple discrete problems.

You’ve Taken Our Free Basic Prep Course
If you’ve worked through modules 0-3 of our free Basic Prep course, and you feel comfortable with the material, then you’re ready to try the required Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA).

Artificial Intelligence & Software Engineering Questions

Yes. We teach students how to use the AI-powered tool GitHub Copilot in all our coding bootcamps. We teach students how to integrate Copilot into their software development workflow during the later modules of all of our coding bootcamps, after proficiency in programming has been obtained. Students will use this tool to build a portfolio project (a non-trivial application) to demonstrate their ability to evaluate and blend AI-generated code with their own.

Our instructional teams, which are composed of industry veterans, have managed the responsible use of productivity-enhancement tools throughout their careers and are well-equipped to teach this newest tool.

Read more about our approach to teaching GitHub Copilot, and for more on AI and its impact on software engineering, read a panel discussion with Galvanize experts.

The recent leap in artificial intelligence (AI) tools will enhance the productivity of the software engineer like nothing before it. Perhaps the greatest recipients of this technology will be our graduates, and those just starting out or entering the software engineering field.

That is why we’re proud to teach the AI-powered tool GitHub Copilot in our instructor-taught curriculum in all our coding bootcamps. Read more about our approach to teaching GitHub Copilot, and our firm belief that new coders and new software engineers should learn foundational skills before being introduced to these types of productivity-enhancing tools. For more on AI and its impact on software engineering, read a panel discussion with Galvanize experts.

Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA) Questions

The TAA is an online assessment that Hack Reactor Intermediate Coding Bootcamp candidates are required to pass before being accepted into the program and beginning their precourse studies.

Each proctored TAA session is approximately 75 minutes long. Although up to twenty candidates may be participating, you’ll be working on the assessment problems by yourself. A session consists of:

  • A group introduction:
    • in a group Zoom room
    • 5 to 10 minutes

  • Individual work on the assessment problems:
    • in your own recorded Zoom room
    • help from proctors is available
    • 55 minutes (timed)

  • A group wrap-up:
    • in a group Zoom room
    • includes a question and answer period
    • 5 to 10 minutes

Yes. In general, you may only attempt the TAA a maximum of 3 times and you are required to wait at least 2 weeks between attempts. For more details, see the “Booking Your TAA” section, below.

Galvanize is committed to providing students with disabilities equal access and participation in our programs as specified under applicable federal law. If you need an accommodation for the TAA, please follow the directions in our Academic Accommodations Policy document. Be sure to submit your request at least two weeks before your scheduled TAA.

Yes. Before you start the timed portion of your TAA, you must agree to be recorded and not to share the TAA content. Specifically:

  • “During this Technical Admissions Assessment, you will be recorded (screen, webcam video, and audio). We review these videos to help us make our decision. Do you consent to be recorded?”

  • “We ask all candidates not to share any information about the content or structure of the Technical Admissions Assessment. It’s really important—when people share it with their friends, there can be very bad consequences. We also ask that you don’t copy or clone any of the material. Can you agree not to share information about or copy anything from this assessment?”

Yes. You must have basic JavaScript skills for the TAA. Even if you know other programming languages, if you don’t have some familiarity with JavaScript, you are unlikely to be successful.

We expect you to be skilled with:

  • initializing, comparing, and operating on simple data types, including numbers, booleans, strings, and “undefined”
  • composing, accessing, and manipulating arrays and objects (both literals and variables)
  • using basic logic operators (not, and, or)
  • using flow control (loops and conditionals)
  • understand functions, including passing/using arguments, returning values, and scoping of function variables
  • using console.log to validate and debug code
  • using code blocks (braces) and indentation properly

You should know how to use JavaScript to solve problems, share your thought process, and demonstrate good soft skills. This includes being able to:

  • develop a plan for solving a problem and articulate that plan out loud and/or through pseudocode
  • avoid guessing and other undisciplined techniques
  • avoid hardcoding for specific test data
  • write clean code
  • understand other people’s (basic) Javascript code
  • strategize how to debug code that doesn’t work
  • respond well to new concepts and material
  • communicate clearly and pleasantly with the proctors

For the TAA, other than the .push method on arrays, you don’t need to memorize the exact usage of methods. All TAA problems can be solved without using specific methods, except for .push and some methods that we might introduce and document in the TAA. However, knowing about some methods might help you solve some problems more elegantly and it’s always good to know the most common usage of the most common methods.

No, you don’t need to be familiar with higher-order functions (functions that accept other functions as arguments or that return other functions).

No, but you’re welcome to use ES6 (and newer) syntax, if you know it.

There are many resources available for studying JavaScript and coding in general. We recommend using our Hack Reactor self-guided Basic Prep course

We recommend that you complete Module 3 before taking your TAA. Make sure you understand the concepts presented and how to apply them.

To book a TAA, you’ll need to go to the Admissions Portal, then:

  • Submit your initial application (if you haven’t already)
  • Complete the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) (non-technical challenge)
  • Complete a coding challenge (if you haven’t already)
  • Book your TAA session

We generally show availability for the next three to four weeks. You can book any available session. If you’d like to book beyond the displayed availability, you’ll need to wait until a new week is added, which normally happens on a Monday or Tuesday.

During busier weeks, we might offer one or more sessions each weekday. During slower weeks, we might offer as few as three sessions total.

Rather than waiting for availability for a particular date, you should consider which week you want to take your TAA and book a session if it’s available.

You can only book one TAA at a time. We ask that you wait until you receive results from a previous TAA before you book another session.

You can see the TAA deadlines on our website:

If a session is available, you can book up to 90 minutes before the start time.

Check back in the Admissions Portal often to see if new slots become available. Availability increases as we get cancellations or add new sessions.

If you still cannot find a booking slot that works for you, please contact your Enrollment Advisor or email admissions@galvanize.com.

You are limited to a maximum of 3 attempts total within 6 months.

We will permit candidates a final 4th attempt if it’s been at least 6 months since their 3rd attempt. After a 4th attempt, no additional attempts will be permitted regardless of time between takes.

We discourage candidates from taking a TAA as practice. Not only will you use up one of your attempts, but if you’re unprepared, you might find the experience stressful, frustrating, or discouraging.

We require you to wait at least 2 weeks (14 days) between TAA attempts. If a candidate tries to take a TAA before 2 weeks have elapsed, we will not allow them to proceed (unless they have received special permission from their Enrollment Advisor).

We suggest you take the time you need to make sure you’re fully prepared for your next TAA attempt.

Shortly after you complete your booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details about how to join your TAA session at the scheduled time. The email also includes information about getting your computer set up for taking the TAA.

In addition to the confirmation email, you’ll receive a reminder email 24 hours before your scheduled session (if you booked more than 24 hours in advance). You’ll get another reminder email 1 hour before your session. The reminder emails contain all the information that’s in the confirmation email.

It’s very unusual for these emails not to be delivered. We ask that you check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder. Also, for Gmail users, check your “Promotions” and “All Mail” folders.

If you still can’t find a confirmation or reminder email, please send an email to admissions@galvanize.com.

In your confirmation and reminder emails, there is a link to cancel your scheduled TAA session.

If you know you will not attend your scheduled session, please follow the procedure to cancel. This frees up your slot for another candidate to use and keeps us from waiting for you.

To reschedule your TAA, follow the directions in your confirmation or reminder emails. The process requires first canceling using the link in the email(s) then rebooking in the Admissions Portal.

To rebook: If it is past the time of your scheduled TAA session and you didn’t cancel in advance, you can usually book a new session in the Admissions Portal. In some cases, you might need to wait until 90 minutes after your scheduled session start time to rebook.

If you have difficulty rebooking, please contact your Enrollment Advisor or email admissions@galvanize.com.

You’ll take your TAA using your desktop or laptop computer. You’ll do all your coding work within our online Assessment Tool. This tool is described in more detail in the “Assessment Tool” section of this FAQ.

You’ll also have the Zoom video conferencing software active. We require you to have a working webcam and microphone connected to your computer.

During the timed portion of the assessment, you’ll need to share your screen within Zoom. Your Zoom session (screen, webcam, and microphone) will be automatically recorded to the cloud.

No, you will need a desktop or laptop computer running Windows or macOS.

Some candidates have had success using computers running Chrome OS or Linux, but we can’t guarantee it will work.

Yes, you will need to make sure that recent versions of the Chrome web browser and the Zoom Client for Meetings application are installed.

  • For the Chrome web browser, we require version 68 or newer.
    • The online Assessment Tool that you’ll use to take your TAA requires the Chrome web browser. 
  • For the Zoom Client for Meetings application, you must have version 5.2 or newer.

Yes. we require that you have a working webcam connected to the computer you will use to take the TAA. The webcam can either be integrated or external (USB-connected).
If you can’t find or borrow a webcam, there are many apps that allow you to use an iOS or Android smartphone (or tablet) as a PC or Mac webcam. For example, IVCam, EpocCam, DroidCam, iCam, and IP Webcam. Note that we do not recommend or endorse any specific app for this purpose. If you decide to use one of these apps, please test it well before the start of your TAA session.

We also require that you have a working microphone connected to the computer you will use to take the TAA. The microphone can either be integrated or external (USB-connected). Most external webcams include microphone functionality, and some of the smartphone apps (mentioned above) offer microphone capability.

If you’re running macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or macOS 11 (Big Sur), Zoom needs permission to share your screen. Before your TAA session, make sure screen sharing is working. For more information, visit here: link

It’s fine if you have multiple displays. Please mention it to a proctor at the time of your TAA session. Before your session, please verify that you can share each display within Zoom (one at a time).

Your confirmation and reminder emails contain a link to the Assessment Tool. When you open the link in Chrome, you’ll get a welcome message with further instruction and a link to the Group Zoom room.

You’ll want to open this Assessment Tool link a few minutes before the scheduled start of your session and click the “Group Zoom Room” link to join us in Zoom. Please do not close the Assessment Tool page.

If you’re more than 2 minutes late joining us in the group Zoom room, you will be locked out of the assessment and will need to rebook. Directions for rebooking are in the “Canceling or Rescheduling” section of this FAQ.

Generally, there’s no penalty for being late or missing your scheduled TAA session. However, if we notice that you do this frequently, we might restrict your ability to book TAA sessions in the future.

Please cancel your TAA session if you know you won’t be able to attend.

Please email your Enrollment Advisor or admissions@galvanize.com and explain your situation. We understand that issues can sometimes arise and we will work with you to figure out next steps.

Your Enrollment Advisor will contact you with your results within 3 business days, often sooner. You might receive an email or a phone call.

 If you pass your assessment, you will get some feedback. If you performed exceptionally well, it is possible all your comments will affirm what skills you displayed. It is more likely you will a few comments pertaining to excellent skills and skills to improve.

If you don’t pass your assessment, you’ll get some feedback about areas for improvement and study.

Please reach out to us at admissions@galvanize.com.