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Veteran Prep Course

For veterans who have little-to-some coding experience.

Our Veteran Prep course allows Veterans of the U.S. Military to study asynchronously using our Basic Prep course curriculum, with the additional benefit of optional live support. This free course can help you prepare for the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA) that is required for our 12-week and 36-week programs.

About Veteran Prep

This program is offered at no cost for Veterans of the U.S Military. Verification will be required.

Veteran Prep is offered for 5 weeks (Monday - Friday). The experience is 100% online and each session has a dedicated communication platform to interact with staff and peers while studying.

In the Veteran Prep course, you'll learn the JavaScript and computer science fundamentals you need to prepare for the TAA. This course covers basic functions, conditionals, iteration, traversing nested data structures, and more, plus some additional JavaScript fundamentals content.

Technical support will be provided through a ticketing system you can utilize while working through our curriculum. Centralized communication is also available for more personalized interactions as you navigate the bootcamp admissions process.

We recommend students participate in the live support available to them in order to reap its many benefits. Students are welcome to participate any time we're online, for as long as you're available. However, the time commitment is flexible, and students can attend or not based on their needs and availability.

Joining Veteran Prep

After registering, you'll gain access to our proprietary curriculum. If you're a beginner, you should start working on: “Module 0: Building Blocks Intro” content immediately. We also strongly recommend you read through this additional content: 

If you're seriously committed to becoming a software engineer and want to develop your skills in preparation for a Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA), then you're ready.

After Veteran Prep

No. You must pass the Non-Technical Admissions Assessments, the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA), and comprehend and complete all Precourse work by the deadline of your target immersive cohort to successfully join. Read more about our admissions process here.

If you do not pass the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA), you will not move on to the Software Engineering Immersive at that time. You'll receive limited feedback from your enrollment officer on your performance with a recommended timeframe to wait to retest for the immersive. You have a maximum of 3 attempts at the TAA. After the third attempt, you must wait one year to try again. 

If you don't meet our required score on the assessments, you are permitted an opportunity to re-apply to the bootcamp in one year.

No. Technically, there is no such thing as “completion” of Veteran Prep.  This is not a course that you have to complete to qualify for acceptance into our immersives. This is a preparatory experience that includes live support during dedicated hours while you prepare yourself for your Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA).

Students get access to support while working through our curriculum and have the option to complete whatever modules they choose and prepare how they see fit.  We highly recommend completing modules 0 through 3 of the curriculum before attempting the Technical Admissions Assessment (TAA), as that represents the content you can expect to see on the TAA.

A student needs the following specs in order to be successful in our programs:
  • Processor:

     Intel Dual-Core i5 or equivalent (minimum)

  • Memory:

     8 GB RAM (minimum), 16 GB RAM (recommended)

  • Storage:

     50 GB available space (minimum)

  • Peripherals:

     Working Webcam 

  • Operating System:

    • Highly Recommended: 

      • Mac OS X (v10.14 minimum, recommended)

    • Acceptable:

      • Windows 10 

        • We do not provide full instructional support for Windows users.

        • Our staff can assist with WSL2/Ubuntu-related issues, but may be unable to troubleshoot Windows-specific issues.

    • Acceptable Alternative: 

      Ubuntu Linux (minimum)

      • Note that Zoom and other communication apps, webcams, and microphones may be buggy on Ubuntu, and is outside of the control of staff as they cannot support debugging these issues.

Register for Veteran Prep


Sept 19, 2022 - Oct 21, 2022

Registration for this course will open soon.

This course is designed for U.S. Veterans only. Submission of your DD214 or Military ID is required prior to the start date.


Nov 7, 2022 - Dec 9, 2022

Registration for this course will open soon.

This course is designed for U.S. Veterans only. Submission of your DD214 or Military ID is required prior to the start date.