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About Us

Transforming motivated learners into industry-ready software engineers.



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About Us

Our Purpose

To ignite human potential with knowledge. 

Our Mission

To provide outcomes-driven education for motivated adult learners and organizations to activate and propel technology-focused careers.

Who We Serve

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Our Students

Our bootcamps are designed to fit our students' schedules and skill levels. We train students using computer science and coding curriculum that models the exciting work being done in the software engineering industry, and we provide career services to help students land their dream jobs. 

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We're proud to be a leading provider of software engineering talent powering organizations of all sizes. Our Partnerships team facilitates an efficient hiring process, including hands-on support that connects employers with top-tier engineers graduating from our programs, all at zero cost.Additionally, thecustomizable training solutions provided by our Enterprise team are built to help companies solve the most complex workforce challenges that leave digital transformations stuck in the mud. We work directly with in-house teams to upskill workers and provide 

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We make software engineering more accessible to underrepresented groups in tech through full-tuition scholarships, our Telegraph Track initiative, our new 19-week bootcamp (designed for those with no coding experience), and more.

How We Serve (Our Values)

Learn and grow courageously: We approach our work with a learning-oriented growth mindset. We navigate challenges with courage and optimism. 

Create belonging with intention: We intentionally include others whose voices may be absent but are necessary. We are respectful of others’ identities and perspectives, and we seek to understand different opinions and viewpoints.

Come together, build together: We bring together relevant stakeholders when performing cross-functional work, including cross-functional teams or projects when merited. We co-create, inform, and execute critical work that aligns with company strategy. 

Win with integrity: We accomplish goals and behave ethically and honestly. We avoid cutting corners or doing what’s minimally required. 

Be fueled by our purpose: We’re aware of how our work ignites human potential through skills and knowledge. We intentionally connect every role within the company to our purpose, mission, and values.

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Our History


First Bootcamp

Hack Reactor launched back in 2012, when co-founders Tony Phillips, Marcus Phillips, and Shawn Drost started the first cohort in San Francisco, CA. That initial group of 16 students set into motion what continues moving forward today: the mission to empower graduates to thrive in software engineering careers for years to come.


First online bootcamp

We're proud to have been the first online bootcamp on the market. We’ve now been teaching online bootcamps for many years, which allows us to use everything we’ve learned (and continue to learn) to create inclusive, challenging, and rewarding online learning opportunities for all of our students.


Launched Telegraph Track

Noticing a strong need for additional resources, networking opportunities, and overall support for students from underrepresented groups in software engineering, we launched Telegraph Track back in 2015. This initiative is designed to support women, people of color, Veterans, and those in the LGBTQIA+ community.


Launched part-time program

Three years after the debut our successful full remote bootcamp, we launched a part-time version of the program, which allows students with different care and work responsibilities to attend Hack Reactor on weeknights and Saturdays.


Acquired by Galvanize

Leading technology educator Galvanize acquired Hack Reactor to create one of the largest independent accelerated learning providers. The acquisition expanded Galvanize's product offerings and its network of skilled graduates to meet the growing demand of employers and the industry at large.


Shifted to fully remote education

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we promptly shift to fully online education. We were able to confidently lean on our years of online instructional experience to navigate the sudden transition, and as the months went on, it became clear that a remote learning model was the best option for our students.


Launched new program for coding beginners

Moved by our belief that more people should have the opportunity to pursue this fulfilling career path, we launched a new, 19-week immersive bootcamp designed for those with zero coding experience. If students commit 45-60 hours per week over 19 weeks, they’ll become a job-ready software engineer, no matter their incoming skill level.