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We have a plan to help you land your dream job — and it works.

In addition to learning technical skills, our Career Service Managers teach the soft skills you need to succeed in any role.

Since our founding in 2012, our mission has been to deliver exceptional student outcomes, helping you land the job you want. We do this through a challenging curriculum, top instructors, and a team of experienced Career Service Managers who support you every step of the way.

Over time, the job market for software engineers has evolved, and the data in our latest GRAD report demonstrates that success in securing a job requires sustained focus and effort.

The data clearly indicates that when our graduates work hard and follow our guidance to actively apply for jobs, they succeed.

Graduate Outcomes: Active Track vs. Passive Track

We publicly disclose our standards for documenting, auditing, and publishing student outcomes data. In our GRAD report, we break outcomes data into two categories: Active Track vs. Passive Track. This helps us understand what it takes to land a job in software engineering in an evolving market.

  • Active Track represents graduates who applied to an average of at least 10 jobs per week during their job search (180 days post-graduation).
  • Passive Track represents graduates who applied to fewer than 10 jobs per week, on average, during their job search (180 days post-graduation).

This 180-day period is about persistence, fighting through imposter syndrome, and keeping the momentum from the program going, with us here to help you maximize your job search.

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Student Outcomes

Hack Reactor Coding Bootcamp: Active Track Outcomes


Beginner Coding Bootcamp Success Rate

Active Track doubles your opportunity to land a job in tech.


Beginner Grads Median Compensation Rate

Beginner Coding Bootcamp graduates achieve high-paying careers.


Intermediate Coding Bootcamp Success Rate

A more than 30% increase compared to Passive Track.


Intermediate Grads Median Compensation Rate

Intermediate Coding Bootcamp graduates achieve high-paying careers.

“Perhaps most importantly, the program helped me to discover the problem-solver inside of me. I became more confident in my ability to tackle difficult challenges and learned to enjoy the process of finding solutions to complex problems.”

Read Cise’s Story

Cise Babatasi
Software Developer at Thryv

Personalized Career Coaching to Empower Your Job Search

We incorporate robust career services into your coding bootcamp experience, and we encourage all graduates to follow the Active Track when applying to new jobs. This is proven to help you land your first job.

Job Search Support

Our Career Service Managers will prepare you for the job search and interview process. During and after the bootcamp, you’ll get the tools you need to land the job, negotiate a great offer, and launch your new career.

GitHub Project Portfolio

Build a strong and unique GitHub portfolio featuring projects demonstrating your new software engineering skills. Explore some student project examples for inspiration.

Mock Interview Practice

Upon graduation, our team conducts mock interviews and other job training workshops and exercises to get you ready for your first software engineering job.

1:1 Coaching

Toward the end of your coding bootcamp (and continuing after graduation), you’ll meet with your Career Advisor for 1:1 coaching tailored to your needs. They’ll help you refresh your resume, update your social channels, and start aligning your new skills with job opportunities.

G.R.A.D. Standards

A Closer Look at Our Graduate Outcomes

Our outcomes reporting standard, Graduate Results Advertising Directive (G.R.A.D.), is an industry-leading methodology that we created to live up to our promise of honest and transparent reporting. It’s our responsibility to represent accurate outcomes and give the next generation of students a clear understanding of what they can expect after going through our coding bootcamps.

How G.R.A.D. Works

Learn how we calculate and report coding bootcamp student outcomes.

Latest Outcomes

This report covers student outcomes from the second half of 2022.

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