1. Virtual Reality Platform Built by Remote Students Opens Possibilities for VR Developers

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    While virtual reality has been around in various forms for many years, there is still a high barrier to entry for software developers to enter into the space. A group of students in our Remote Beta program decided to change that by creating a virtual reality platform. This platform, TheseusVR, creates an online space with multiple screens, in which one can run separate apps on each screen. It also incorporates cloud storage. TheseusVR can be integrated with two of the leading virtual reality systems, Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.

  2. Hack Reactor’s Commitment to Students Showcased in Silicon Valley Documentary

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    A new documentary from the socially minded organization Ympact explores the inner workings of Silicon Valley and features an interview with Hack Reactor Cofounder and CEO Tony Phillips. The film, Welcome to Silicon Valley, examines this unique part of the world through various exemplary people, including investors, emerging startup founders and serial entrepreneurs, that have helped make Silicon Valley what it isPhillips describes the commitment he and the other founders have to our students.

  3. Graduating Engineers Meet Reps from Cisco, Ozy, Walmart & Over 40 More at Hiring Day

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    Hack Reactor held its biggest Hiring Day yet, with representatives from over 40 employers, including Cisco, Walmart, Ozy Media and JP Morgan Chase. Hiring Day allows students to display the largest, most complex projects they built while at Hack Reactor and meet with actively hiring companies for ten minute interviews. Students and employers are matched ahead of time by mutual interest, and many of these initial conversations lead to formal first interviews.

  4. Graduate Focuses on Intersection of Coding and Meditation

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    Graduate David Ernst has studied both coding and meditation in immersive settings, and he finds many similarities between the two, and ways in which one can augment the other. Ernst had meditated in high school, but he was really awoken to its power three years ago, when he went on his first Vipassana retreat. This is a ten-day silent course, in which participants focus on their own breath and sensations for nearly ten hours a day.

  5. Grad Teams with Detroit Startup to Prepare for Entrepreneurial Future

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    Rather than proceeding with a conventional job search, soon-to be graduate Mark Bennett will instead work as a developer for a startup in Detroit while learning entrepreneurial skills through the organization Venture for America (VFA). VFA seeks to address two problems simultaneously: the first is that areas looking to establish a startup community often have trouble drawing top talent away from Silicon Valley. The other is that people who want to launch their own startup generally don’t have any real training in entrepreneurship. Venture for America provides training to people interested in entrepreneurship, then pairs them with startups in cities outside of the major economic hubs.

  6. How Can You Go From Intern to CTO? Cofounder Shawn Drost Explains at Hirepalooza

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    Cofounder Shawn Drost spoke at the career and networking conference Hirepalooza on a panel titled How to Go From Intern to CTO. Hirepalooza is a staple event put on by DevNetwork and is San Francisco’s largest hiring event. Drost, joined by Galvanize VP of Academic Excellence Jonathan Dinu, Bitcasa’s Head of Human Resources Alina Steinberg Baugh, and Zendesk’s Engineering Director Jason Smale, spoke about how to fast-track one’s career as a developer.

  7. Hack Reactor Opens Telegraph Academy, Coding School Focused on Closing Tech Diversity Gap

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    Hack Reactor has announced the founding of a unique school: Telegraph Academy, a mission-driven, immersive coding program for people of color. Founded by Hack Reactor alumni and instructors Bianca Gandolfo and Albrey Brown, Telegraph Academy will create pathways into tech for communities that have been underrepresented in the industry. Through financing options and prep courses, this school will be accessible to motivated people, regardless of experience or financial situation. Telegraph Academy is located in Berkeley, CA, with plans to cross the border into Oakland early next year. The first cohort of its three-month course starts June 29, and the school is currently accepting applications.

  8. Patent-Holding Student Builds D3 Visualization of Key Bay Area Stats

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    Frank Bowers came to Hack Reactor after 26 years as a Software Engineer to facilitate a transition from building user interfaces on the desktop to web development. Specifically, Bowers has a keen interest in data visualization, and embarked on a side project while working on our pre-course curriculum to develop his skills in this area. His project, Bay Area Stats, uses D3 to display comprehensive data on salary, housing prices and racial demographics in San Francisco and the surrounding area in a highly intuitive format.

  9. Alumna Combines Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things Using NASA Software

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    Kate Jenkins, who graduated from Hack Reactor over a year ago, has worked since then on a small but impactful team at Ejenta, using proprietary software Brahms, developed at the NASA Ames Research Center. Originally designed to track and model the biometrics and behavior of astronauts, Ejenta, which has sole use of the software, is using it to make advances in healthcare, defense and robotics. As part of a four-person developer team (in a seven-person company), Jenkins is integral to everything the company does.

  10. Hack Reactor Honors Tech Entrepreneur Leading in Cross-Device Identity Marketing at Women of Vision Banquet

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    Last week, Hack Reactor presented the Anita Borg Institute’s ABIE Entrepreneurship Award to Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Founder and CEO of Drawbridge, a leading cross-platform business-to-consumer messaging company. The award is presented annually to “a woman who is the builder of an innovative, ground-breaking, and game-changing technology venture startup”.  The award presentation caps a week during which Hack Reactor announced two scholarships for women and reported that our current Remote Beta class is 33% women, the highest percentage we have seen to date.