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  1. Hack Reactor CEO Presents at Leading EdTech Conference ASU+GSV Summit

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    Our CEO Tony Phillips and Alumni Director Mike Adams traveled to ASU+GSV Summit--a leading edtech conference--to discuss delivering high quality education to a wide range of learners. Phillips gave a presentation on the progress and innovations made by Hack Reactor, and both Phillips and Adams took full advantage of the chance to spend three days among other edtech companies and thought leaders in education.

  2. Hack Reactor Application Part II: The Technical Interview

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    You’ve made it past Hack Reactor’s Admissions Challenge. Now what? You are now eligible to schedule the second and most important part of the admissions process, the technical interview. The bulk of the interview consists of a live coding session with one of our technical mentors. This is a collaborative process that we hope is fun and educational, regardless of the final outcome. (See here for more on the Admissions Challenge.)

  3. Advice from an Alumna to Future Software Engineers

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    Kara Erickson has been building websites since she was nine, but she only decided to take engineering from a hobby to a career less than two years ago. Now, a year after graduating Hack Reactor, she is a Software Engineer at OpenTable, and has ventured into presenting publicly as a thought leader in the space, recently speaking at a Meetup at Google, and ng-conf, the leading Angular conference.

  4. Students Build Developer Tool for Rapid Back-End Creation

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    Many apps and projects are more focused on the front-end, but still require a functional back-end. That’s where Mockr, a tool built by recent graduates Ruben VicarioJake ObronAndrew Smith and Karim Kyler, comes in. Mockr allows users to both mock up a back-end (as the name implies) and create a back-end as a service for exchanging information with the front-end.

  5. Remote Program Class Lead Makes Digital Classroom a Close-Knit Community

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    Our Remote program is, in many ways, a carbon copy of our onsite course, but there are inevitable differences that make the digital classroom a very unique experience. Managing both familiar aspects of the Hack Reactor experience and elements peculiar to Remote Beta, Liz Penny keeps everything running smoothly in an online course unlike any offering out there. She works with students on everything from the logistical to the emotional.

  6. SXSWedu 2015 Recap: Top 5 Quotes On the EdTech Movement

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    SXSWedu, the education-focused branch of the popular South by Southwest conference, had its fifth iteration, and Hack Reactor joined in with talks, panels and meetups. Partner school MakerSquare, which has a school in SXSWedu’s host city Austin, was quite active as well.

    The week-long event provided an excellent opportunity to connect with some of the most forward-thinking minds in education today. Here are 5 top quotes from our SXSWedu experience.

  7. Hack Reactor Forms Trade Association with Other Industry Leaders to Establish Standards of Data-Driven Education

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    Hack Reactor, along with nine other top coding schools, is launching the New Economy Skills Training Association, or NESTA. Established in support of the White House’s TechHire initiative, NESTA is a trade organization to establish best practices, standards, and increased accountability for outcome-based New Economy Skills Training (NEST) organizations. The first major program of NESTA will be to establish standards for reporting student outcomes.

  8. Hack Reactor to Open Oakland Programming School for Underserved Communities as Part of White House-Backed TechHire

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    We are excited to announce our participation in TechHire, a program announced on Monday by President Obama to provide accelerated educational opportunities to municipalities across the country. We will be working with the Obama Administration to bring our top-level coding education to underserved populations in select municipalities. The first such school will be located in Oakland, CA, opening this summer.