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Be Prepared for the Admissions Challenge

We’ve designed our admissions process to screen for people that will be successful during the program, but some applicants overestimate the amount of technical preparation that will be required to get started. In fact, if you’re a great applicant, you should be able to get through the first step (and on to further instructions) within ten or fifteen hours of self-instruction. Here’s how:

1. Learn JavaScript’s syntax.

“Syntax” means the same thing in code and in English: “What series of characters form a valid statement in this language?” In English, “I accidentally a word” is not valid syntax. In JavaScript, “My name is 4” is not valid syntax. Any one of the below sites will get you familiarized with basic syntax in 4-6 hours. (Don’t go through more than one, because they all teach the same stuff. Instead, start with the top, then switch if you don’t like the style of the resource you’re using.)

You don’t need to know the following concepts:

  • this
  • classes
2. Learn how to use the syntax to solve simple problems.

If you learned all the grammar of English, it wouldn’t teach you to write an essay. Stringing together the right series of words involves more than just syntax: you have to use the syntax to express thoughts. You’ve been practicing these ideas in the above steps. The below resources will give you problems to solve, but less help with solving them. This is the step you need to practice next. Plan on a few hours and good luck!

Next class begins on

December 12, February 6 and March 27.