Austin Student Outcomes

Our ultimate job is getting you into yours. We pride ourselves on being transparent in how we have impacted our students' lives, and the data behind our claims is carefully collected and verified to prove it.

  • 91% Graduate Hiring Rate
  • 65k Avg Graduate Salary

Hack Reactor Graduate Salaries

Full-time Software Engineers vs. Technical Internships

Our training prepares people to graduate into highly rewarding software engineering careers.

Our graduates

89 Graduates in 2015

Student Outcome Exemptions

It's common to exclude some students from job placement calculations because of intentions and life situation.

The methodology behind the numbers

The above results were calculated using Standard Student Outcome Methodology (SSOM), which we created to provide the transparency and verification missing with other coding academies. It's a method that any school can adopt to give honest information to prospective students.

“No other school invests close to the same amount of hours in lectures, the same amount of staff to keep you on track, or pushes you to invest the same amount of hours doing programming.”
— Celine O., Class of 2015

Our grads thrive at industry-leading companies.

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