Prepare for Any Coding Bootcamp

Solidify Your Foundation and Gain Key Developer Skills

Get into the Most Selective Bootcamps

Hack Reactor Prep is designed to get you into any coding bootcamp. Unlike other programs, Hack Reactor Prep is a successful self-paced course giving you direct training and feedback from industry professionals. This is the most intense prep course on the market, as the curriculum is specifically designed to ensure success with even the most selective bootcamps.

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“Prep is incredibly valuable, because you learn to look at the code in a Hack Reactor mindset.”

In This Program, You Will:

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Solidify JavaScript Fundamentals

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Practice Problem Solving Strategies

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Improve Technical Communication Skills

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Gain Engineering Autonomy & Aptitude

Prepare on Campus

Hack Reactor Prep In-Person is currently under evaluation to see if it is the best option for students. If you prefer a live, instructor-led course, please come back to this page for updates. If you are interested in preparing for a top coding bootcamp now, Hack Reactor Prep Beta is your best starting point.

Prepare Remotely

Hack Reactor Prep Beta is an online, self-paced course designed to get you into the most selective bootcamps. This renovated prep program is faster, offers more exercises, and is self-paced to fit anyone’s schedule. This program is geared towards students who are getting ready to apply or interview at a coding bootcamp.

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