Become a Software Engineer.

Our Goal: You’ll begin Hack Reactor with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. Twelve weeks later, you’ll follow the footsteps of our trailblazing alumni, taking the methodologies and best practices you perfected at our coding bootcamp to your next job. We’ve built world class software engineering curriculum and programming courses. However, Hack Reactor is, above all else, a world-class learning environment.

Learn how to think like a software engineer

You can get a great start to learning code by using online resources, but there is a lot more to working in software engineering than writing code. At Hack Reactor’s software career accelerator, you will also learn CS fundamentals and engineering best practices.

Students attending a Hack Reactor Lecture

Build production-grade web applications

Your time at Hack Reactor’s career accelerator is spent focusing your passion and skills into building real platforms, open-source libraries both alone and in groups – often using cutting edge technologies that you teach yourself as you go, like you would in the workplace.

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Hack Reactor's Daily Program Schedule

Live coding exercises Live Coding - We’ll introduce the exercises or project you’ll work on next, and start doing it live on our giant projector. In addition to explaining the concepts you’ll need to know to do the work, we’ll explain how to figure out the things you don’t know. Students shout out questions — it’s an interactive sport.

Pair programming is encouraged Hack/Pair Programming - You’ll work together on real-world projects. If you get stuck, you can take advantage of our advanced help request system.

Time is set aside for exercise Exercise - We make time for everyone to attend classes at a local San Francisco gym nearby. (Membership is subsidized.)

There are lots of places to find lunch Lunch - You can find a meal at dozens of nearby S.F. lunch joints.

Students are guided through mentorship Learn - As in the morning, we’ll introduce new concepts by beginning a new project together on the projector, and send you out to work on it.

Code - At points during the course, students take on longer projects and learn high level meta-engineering skills around project management, team communication and code documentation.

Dinner is eaten with other students and staff Dinner - Talk about tech and life over dinner in the classroom.

Different events every night Events - Every evening is different. You’ll ask guest speakers about their work, attend meetups, go through mock interviews, or hack on projects with a rotating array of guest teachers. The program technically ends at 8, but many students work well into the night.


Week to week progression at Hack Reactor

Weeks 1–6 are a structured deep-dive into software and web development, learning JavaScript, and a broad array of computer programming tools.

Most importantly, you will internalize the mindset that drives the discipline of software engineering in industry.

Weeks 7 – 12 focus on completing your personal project, completing a more ambitious group project with a small group of peers, working as you would on the job.

Projects often top Hacker News. Some have landed front page coverage on TechCrunch and Wired.

Throughout the program, we work together with your job search in mind. By graduation, you will have a solid Github presence, tons of technical interview experience, a personal site, LinkedIn profile and resume.

We’ll host a hiring day to show off your projects to employers, and guide you through your job search.


Total Tuition


We have worked hard to assemble all of the most critical components of a software engineering education program. We retain exceptional faculty and staff, maintain our campus in the heart of San Francisco and deliver an experience that outperforms the alternatives.

Deferral Program: Applicants who would otherwise be unable to attend Hack Reactor work with us on a case-by-case basis to split their tuition into installments that allow you to finish paying a portion of your tuition up to six months after your class has graduated.

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