8 Chill Mixcloud Mixes to Vibe Out to While Coding

With any project, sometimes it’s hard to get in the zone and actually get something done. While we can’t open your laptop for you, we can definitely help get your mind ready. Check out some of these great indie Mixcloud Mixes to get your good vibes going. Bonus — they’re free to listen to, and you can create your own playlists.

1. Nihon Drive vol. 2 by Burakkumanba

This super chill mix features tracks by HWLS, Sango, Monte Booker, Teed Moses, Foals, and more. Warning: may cause seated arm dancing and/or jazz hands.

2. Subatomic Radio – June 2017 by Afterlife

Featuring cross-overs of ambient favorites while heavy on the strings, this mix is sure to keep you focused and zen while plugging on your latest project. Artists include Bob Moses & Billy Martin, Sacha Puttnam, The Irresistible Force, and more.

3. Bestimix 205: Pete Gooding via Bestival FM

Ranked number 7 on Mixcloud’s Ambient Chart, this Dance/EDM mix keeps good vibes rolling with fluid transitions and the occasional electric guitar riff. Featuring Nando Carneiro, Space Dimension Controller, The Durutti Column, Nancy Noise, Talabowman and more.

4. The Future Beats Show 148 by Complexion

Featuring cool space vibes and a NASA launch countdown, this mix is sure to have you feeling out of this world. Includes collab from artists such as Bob Le Head, Prototyp3, Zac Schram, Defkon, and more.

5. No. 1 Cosmic Odyssey by Youth

If you’re looking for something ultra chill and you’re into something a little weirder than the rest, this mix opens with comical commentary from old movies and laser beams before moving into a funkier beat. Featuring tracks from Thundercut, John Malik, Joni Hastrap, Popol Vuh, Frankie Lane and more.

6. Wild City #132 – Kavya Trehan by The Wild City

This downtempo mix from female singer-songwriter and one half of the indie pop duo Mosko Kavya Trehan can easily transport you into another world with its echo-y trances and relaxing speed. Good mix for a rainy day and for any time you’re tackling a head scratcher. Playing tracks by Electric Mantis, Edit, Stateless, Tsar B, Khalid and more.

7. Love Bubble 0.1 / DJ X-Track by Radio X-Track

This chill, vintage mix is full of wanderlust, putting your mind in a relaxed state. Just as you’re getting comfortable, the mix boosts you up with Zanski’s “Feel Alright.” Could coding get any more comfortable? Featuring tracks from Two Feet, Zanski, Nicolas Jaar, Blakey, JJ Cale and more.

8. The Silence of the Seasons by Sequenchill

So maybe the weather outside isn’t great and you’re stuck indoors working on an infuriating problem. Breathe. This psychedelic nature-filled mix transports your mind to another world while keeping you calm and focused. Good vibes anyone? Playing tracks from Cipher, Alessandro Bosetti, Unity Dub, Ferri, Nate Connelly and more. Special appearance by Richard Burton and Jack Nicholson.

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