Why Python for Machine Learning?

From self-driving cars to TV show recommendations, machine learning is taking over most corners of modern technology. One survey of industry leaders found ninety percent of respondents believe that more automation will increase decision accuracy and speed, indicating that specialization in machine learning can go a long way for coding professionals.

If you’re interested in machine learning, you might be asking yourself which coding language to prioritize. Although languages like R can often hold their own, most experts agree that Python is the best language to learn when it comes to machine learning because it’s easy to learn and implement, and comes with powerful libraries to level up your coding abilities. Learn more about Python for machine learning below.

Python for Machine Learning

1. It’s easy to learn

With easy-to-read syntax and comparability to other C-like codes, even beginners to coding can pick up Python in relatively little time. The simplicity of Python is a major selling point to physicists, economists, and other professionals who wish to incorporate machine learning into their research. However, aspiring coders can also get behind how comparatively easy Python is to learn – especially when perfected in a coding bootcamp.

2. It’s easy to implement

Once you’ve learned how Python works, implementing it in the context of machine learning is straightforward. That’s because Python is one of the most intuitive languages to code with. What’s more, Python is easy to toy around with. Unlike “hard-coding” languages, Python is made to be tested. The very nature of machine learning requires lots of initial code play, making Python a great choice.

3. It comes with powerful libraries

Perhaps the greatest reason coders choose Python for machine learning is the broad access to the libraries it offers. These tools and frameworks make it possible for most Python learners to dive into the world of machine learning. For example, SciKit Learn is a simple yet efficient data analysis package associated with Python which makes machine learning significantly easier to implement.

These libraries also contribute to how quick Python is for machine learning. Dubbed by some as the “Swiss army knife of machine learning,” Python libraries allow coders to create beautiful software. Combined with the language’s learnability and simple implementation, it’s no wonder coders choose to learn Python for machine learning.

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