Transparency in Bootcamp Student Outcomes

  • 98% Graduate Hiring Rate
  • 104k Avg Graduate Salary
  • 91% Graduate Hiring Rate
  • 65k Avg Graduate Salary
  • Coming Soon Graduate Hiring Rate
  • Coming Soon Avg Graduate Salary
  • Coming Soon Graduate Hiring Rate
  • Coming Soon Avg Graduate Salary
  • 97% Graduate Hiring Rate
  • 94k Avg Graduate Salary

Trusted Outcomes

Only Coding Jobs are Counted

We diligently consider successful placements only if a student’s job involves being a developer, software engineer or coder. Product management, data analyst, designer, etc. don’t count as successes in our outcomes statistics.

Strictest Standards in the Industry

The only way we can uphold the highest form of integrity, is through a third-party validation of data. We use employment offer letters as documentation whenever possible, and confirm less formal employment documentation directly with the student.

Fully Transparent

We are committed to regularly publishing detailed, third-party verified outcomes reports for each campus. This is part of our devotion to excellent service with every interaction you have with Hack Reactor.

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Average Returns Over Time

Earn Your Tuition Back
in 10 Weeks

With an average salary of 104k, you can expect to earn your tuition back within 10 weeks of your date of hire.

1 year vs 100% salary increment chart %77 Average Salary

Real People. Real Outcomes.

Our ultimate job is getting you into yours. We pride ourselves on being transparent in how we have impacted our students' lives, and the data behind our claims is carefully collected and verified to prove it.

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“Hack Reactor really is a dream come true. Their job search and alumni support is amazing, and they will not stop helping you until you find a job.”
— Michael Hari; Hack Reactor Graduate.
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Coding Bootcamps Are
No Longer an Experiment.

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They are an important and growing player in the higher education landscape. Within the coding bootcamp sector, we see a wide range in quality from powerfully transformative programs on one end, to programs that do not deliver on their basic promise to students. This underscores the need for transparency. That’s why our student outcomes have been examined by an independent certified public accounting firm.

Our reporting breaks down our outcome statistics at a granular level, showing with high resolution how our students fared from day 1 onward. The results show that, outside of a handful of exceptions, our students receive offers for lucrative software engineering roles within six months of leaving the program. Our outcomes are captured and reported by the Standard Student Outcomes Methodology (SSOM), a system developed by Hack Reactor to appropriately record and verify the path of each student.

We urge other coding bootcamps to join us in reporting and having their student outcomes examined by an independent certified public accounting firm, so that students are presented with clear choices regarding their substantial investment of time and money.

Tony Phillips, Co-Founder & CEO